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Benefits of being time poor


March 12, 2013 by Sarah

Lesson of the week: 20 minutes of uninterrupted focus results in the same output as 2 hours spent ‘working’/checking emails/scanning facebook/making cups of tea. Too much free time makes me faff about. Being time poor on the other hand, makes me focus rich.


  1. Anna says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I completely agree! Sometimes my biggest problem is that sometimes I have too much flexibility with my time and as a result I end up doing much less than I would have if my time was tighter. So I decided to fill my days with more fun things so that I am more efficient when I really need to get work done.

    I really love the look and feel of your new website by the way. And the drawings are really great too!

    Keep believing in yourself!


  2. Daniele says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I agree, as long as being time poor is a voluntarily temporary choice 🙂

    I just experienced 1 month working in a sunny and windy place.
    Few hours a day of focused work, then off to the beach for some kite surfing!
    It went really well and I reached the same conclusion… it’s all about focus.


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