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July 7, 2012 by Sarah

This week has been a good reminder of how important it is to focus on the good stuff, not the bad. While my natural tendency is to concentrate on the good in others, for some reason I apply a different rule for me.

I could do a hundred great things in a week, but come week end I always seem to focus on what I didn’t do and/or didn’t do so well. Likewise, I could have a hundred people say nice things about me or my work, and it will always be that one dickhead comment I’ll end up focusing on.

With my new protective bubble in force, I’ve made the choice to not only block out the crap but also to focus on the good. And to help me do this, I’ve started my own compliment jar. Every time someone says something nice about me or my work, I’m going to write it down and add it to the jar. I’m calling it ME love and I plan to give it to myself for Christmas. I couldn’t think of a more perfect gift!


  1. Julia says:

    Sarah, I love this simple, uplifting idea. x

  2. Julia says:

    May your compliment jar soon be overflowing. x

  3. Sarah says:

    Thanks Julia! Am loving reading your blog at the moment x

  4. Anna says:

    I love the idea about the ME love jar!! You could also add a note whenever you have been really happy or proud on yourself.

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