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Play to win


July 4, 2012 by Sarah

After getting such a kick from my 30 Day Challenge, I immediately signed myself up for another challenge called Play to Win. This challenge has a 3 month deadline, so it’s more of a slow burn – with a slightly different focus. This time around it’s all about keeping the adventure going and doing so in a way that is sustainable and (fingers crossed) profitable.

Choosing a project this time round wasn’t easy. My head told me I should focus on taking nest interiors to the next level – and work on marketing it and reframing it to make lots of sales. But my heart let out a sigh and asked me if I was taking the boring road and playing it safe? So in a moment of madness I decided to focus on what I wanted to do, rather than what I ‘should’ do. I decided to paint.

For the next month, I’ve committed to creating my first painting portfolio to showcase on my own website. It all makes me feel a bit queasy – but I know from my previous challenge is that my fear is often hidden excitement. And I am excited because through this challenge I’ll get the chance to do what I love most – and create. Here’s my first creation for the month…

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  1. Lily says:

    This sounds great! Where can we find out more about Play to Win? x

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Lily – Play to Win is a social network offered via Screw Work Let’s Play

      I notice they don’t have any promo material up yet – but also know this is the first time they are offering this longer challenge, so they be only promoting it amongst the 30 Day Challenge community at this stage.

      I’ve touched base with John Williams and asked him for more info – I’ll be in touch soon!

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Lily

      I just heard back from John Williams – this time around Play to Win is only open to 30 Day Challenge Graduates. But he did say there is a new 30 Day Challenge coming up in November – if you’re interested in joining up signup at:

  2. Anna says:

    I am a big fan of most of your paintings but this is I think my new favorite!! It’s beautiful!!

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