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Think big, but just start!


November 1, 2012 by Sarah

Over labour weekend hubby organised a surprise visit to see my bestie and her hubby down in the South Island. Bron is a registered Dietician with a passion for food and people. She’s been thinking about setting up her own private practice for a while and this year she decided to do it – in record speed.

When an opportunity cropped up for Bron to hire an office at a brand new fitness complex 20 meters from her house, all systems were go. She had only one and a half months to set up shop before the complex opened and rather than freak out and back out, she got stuck in.

Come launch day, Bron had found a business partner, set up her website (with the help of my wonderful hubby), designed a series of resources, organised uniforms, got a NZ Masterchef on board and kitted out her new office. Three months on, NuDe Food Consultants has nearly 30 clients and Bron is in work/play heaven.

Setting up NuDe was something Bron did on a very limited budget and in a pretty crazy time frame. But the bit that I find most inspiring is that she did it all without quitting her day job. When I started my own work/play journey I thought the only way I could create work I loved was by quitting my job, retraining and essentially starting from scratch. This scared the bejesus out of me because all I could think of was pay cuts and pressure. Apparently I’m not the only one who feels like this as Selina Barker and John Williams from Screw Work Let’s Play explain in this video.

The wisdom of Selina and John’s experience and the lesson from Bron’s story is that great things can come from small changes. And even bigger and more amazing things are possible because of that one step onto a different path. Quick tip – become a NuDie Foodie on Facebook and every Sunday you’ll receive healthy recipe ideas that are oh so delicious.




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