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What’s the secret to success?


May 24, 2012 by Sarah

The hubby got the chance to listen to a motivational speaker at work today. He did that, while I got to give my big presentation to a room full of scary political advisors (who turned out to be not so scary). I’m always a bit sceptical about motivational speakers – or ‘performance’ experts, but this guy sounds like he had some killer insights. The one that most excited the hubby (and me) was a theory that sucessful people manage to combine four key things:

  • skills: which you only develop through lots of learning, practice and play.
  • goals: these represent the outcomes that you want to realise, not the tasks to achieve them — so for my 30 Day Challenge for example, my goal is to bring my ideas to life and to feel proud of doing this, not to build a website or get some designs ticked off the list.
  • motivation: this is the internal or external pressure that keeps you focused on your goals — so my external motivator at the moment is knowing I need to get stuff done before my 30 days is up.
  • self-belief: which is the internal mind actually thinking that it can be done.

Now this might all seem pretty obvious stuff — until you think about this…whenever I’ve considered a career change, written job applications or thought of starting my own business — the first quesiton that always pops into my head is ‘do I have the right skills to do this?’. Mabye the secret to success is not in whether I’m skilled enough to do the job at hand, but whether I have the focus, motivation, self belief and guts to roll up my sleeves and make things happen. Or as a kiwi who climbed a rather big mountain once said, “You don’t have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things – to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated.”

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  1. news says:

    A insightful post there mate ! Thank you for that !

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